MNA Abdul Rehman Kanju Brief Biography

Abdul-Rehman-KanjuAbdul Rehman Kanju was an independent candidate up till the time he had made successful win in the elections. After earning much of the votes, he became MNA and later joined the Pakistan Muslim League –Nawaz (PML-N). He stood against the former PML-N MNA Muhammad Akhtar Khan Kanju in Lodhran –II. The contesting polling station was NA-155.

Rehman Kanju bagged as many as 85452 votes and thus made way to the National Assembly. Akhtar Khan lost the position with around 20,000 votes difference.

Rehman Kanju changed his status from being an independent candidate to a PML-N representative after taking the oath.

Brief profile details of the law maker are under follow:

Name: Abdul Rehman Khan Kanju

Father’s name: Sadique Khan Kanju

Permanent Address: Mouza Ali Kanju Tehsil Kahror Pacca

Local Address: C-108, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad

Contact no: 0300-8688333

Province: Punjab

He swore on as MNA on 1st of June, 2013.

Rehman Khan Kanju’s father Siddique Khan Kanju had handled the Ministerial affairs and served as politician from his native place. In the year 2001, he was assassinated while visiting a counselor shop in Kahror Pacca city.

Abdul Rehman Kanju then descended his father by becoming the District Nazim of the region.

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