Muhajir Sooba – Solution For Karachi Problem?

Target killing is on the rise but it has been that way for three years now but recent silent ongoing target killing and different political parties ongoing tension may result in tsunami of bloodshed. With reports that different groups are preparing for the upcoming “battle”, the silence of police and political parties is astonishing. Two groups have already gathered lot of weapons in Kati Pahari area. Slogans of Muhajir Sooba are on the rise.

Altaf Hussian recent statement that in case of discrimination, different slogans will arise and new demands may emerge, has already fueled the situation.  Sources in MQM told that there is a silent anti MQM alliance by ANP, MQM Haqiqi and Sindhi Nationalist. Supporters of MQM beliefs that PPP is secretly supporting it. With MQM supporters and workers already on the edge regarding party decision to stay in power, MQM have much more less options

Expected bloodshed in coming days can only be avoided by dialogue and pin pointed target operations. It is also necessary to remove those officers and policemen who have been appointed by Zulfiqar Mirza, MQM and ANP for effective police operation.

Sources say that in case of another episode of killing frenzy in Kati Pahari area or in Urdu speaking areas, MQM will not stop its workers and supporters shouting Muhajir Sooba slogans and it will back it. Whereas ANP and Sindhi nationalists are busy playing ethnic policies, there is battle for land capturing in Karachi. I warn that recent weeks may result in massive bloodshed and with weak, corrupt and non local police, people expect nothing but only mercy of Allah.

By Usman Arshad