Pakistan Idol Auditions Date And Venue

Incomplete information can stir curiosity among the masses while at the same time it can also bother people who look for complete details. An advertisement run on Geo TV featured the Pakistan Idol to begin its auditions soon. But, nothing as such related to the program, the venue, the date or the relevant details can be found anywhere.

The music fans look forward to the event and have been trying to get the details. People have been trying to search the details on the social websites, the channel website and Google but nothing as such is appearing.

Often on streets, Geo TV car bearing the program print on it , the ‘kiosks’ have been seen that has further created the people attracted towards the auditions and assured that they are soon to take place but when, it is still un-known.

Advertisement published in the Daily Jang newspaper show the sponsorships of notable companies Clear Shampoo, Pepsi and Mobile telecommunication that is powered by Q mobile. The advertisement says that individuals between 15- 30 years can apply for auditions by sending their CNIC no, and city, in this way:
IDOL <space> CNIC # <space> City. Send it to 436.
Pakistan Idol bears the slogan ‘Jo hai awaz dil ki’.
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Pakistan Idol is a registered trademark of Fremantle Media Limited and 19 TV limited.

By sending SMS on 436 a pin code is sent in reply by 436. It is also said in reply that auditions date and venue will be informed. In auditions participant has to bring his/her CNIC and parents CNIC also.

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    1. Qasim
    2. Sana
    3. Zainulabden mugheri
    4. Armaan Khan
    5. Muhammad Talha
    6. furqan ahmad
    7. Usba Waseem
    8. m kaleem poomy
      • m kaleem poomy
    9. Awais Mj
    10. Muhammad Adil
    11. Hassan Malik
    12. Jameel Ali Khan
    13. Jameel Ali Khan
    14. Usba Waseem
    15. Rao saab
    16. talha mustafa
    17. Ahsan Qureshi

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