Which Schools Are Good For Special Children in Karachi?

Suggest schools for children in Karachi with mental disability, special children? please don’t tell about Institute of Behavioral Psychology (IBP). Should be very good where there is personal development.

My suggestion would be that you visit a number of those and decide by your own self as there are many but all have different good and bad aspects…so you can only decide after visiting.

Try pathways schooling system. They don’t turn down students because of their disability and keep them with regular kids so they won’t feel secluded. Campuses are located at Clifton and North Nazimabad.

Dar ul Sukun at Kashmir road.

I studied in Bahria college karsaz at that time they built special section in front of it , they used to take care in very very good way but I don’t know there criteria of admission and your case too but you should once try over there.

Ida Rieu School is also very good.

Karachi Vocational Training Centre (KVTC) for the Intellectually Challenged. Located in DHA Phase 4.

ACELP opposite Jinnah hospital.

I recommended Institute of Behavioral Psychology (IBP). It is very good.

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