Separate State – Pakistan

The North West India had a majority population of Muslims for which Allama Iqbal had proposed to be made as a separate state in his famous Allahabad Address of December 1930 in his Presidential Address of the All India Muslim League session.

It took 10 years time for Quaid-e-Azam to get the Lahore (Pakistan) Resolution in March 1940 officially demanding a separate Muslim state. And once such a resolution was passed he made up his mind to stick to it in spite of a cut-throat resistance of Hindus under the leadership of Congress and the partial support of British rulers to condemn such development leading to partition of India.

After prolonged sincere and ceaseless efforts Quaid-e-Azam ultimately established Pakistan because he firmly believed that without having a separate territory Muslims of sub continent could not safeguard their nationality and even could not exist as a separate nation.