Sir Syed Ahmed Khan Religious Services

Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, creating a balance between politics and religion, served Islam a lot. He said that learning English and the modern sciences is not against Islam but it was the most urgent need of the time. Nevertheless, according to him, religion should not be avoided with over emphasizing the world. He wrote various books to achieve this purpose.

1. Tafseer-e-Quran (interpretion of Holy Quran consisting upon 7 volumes in which he has explained the Quranic teachings in an easy and understandable manner. The Holy Quran has been interpreted scientifically.

2. Khutbaat-e-Ahmadia (lectures of Syed Ahmed) in which he reapplied objections raised by William Moor in his controversial book ‘Life of Muhammad (PBUH)’ in a reasonable manner. As a result of the publication of Khutbaat-e-Ahmadia, British Government apologized.


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