Thar Residents Facing Shortage Of Drinking Water

The people of Tharpharkar are facing acute water shortage due to plant filtration damage. That’s why many people have deprived from drinking water. Women have to travel around  40 KM to fetch drinking water from the well.

Underground water level has dropped and it has turned into brackish. Their return journey takes around eight to nine hours and they can carry only 3 to 4 liter at a time.Further majority of the local reservoirs and well have almost dried up.

According to the report Tharpharkar urban and rural areas situation is very critical due to drought. People are searching drinking water from morning to evening. It is observed that the situation of rural areas is getting extremely worse.

Sindh government installed many filtration plants. However dozens of filtration plants have stopped because they are not doing proper repair and maintenance.

By Talha Pasha