Valentine’s Day Scandal In Ice Cream Parlor In Karachi, Pakistan

Recently a show aired from CNBC channel shocked many viewers across Pakistan. The show airs on Sunday at 8:00 PM. The show was about how couples in Karachi made Valentine’s Day at different places.

Many couples go to ice-cream parlors in Malir Saudabad Area. Ice cream parlor name is JB Ice cream parlor. These ice cream charges Rs. 100 per hour and some hotels/restaurants charges Rs. 600 per hour to give a safe haven to these young couples to enjoy the sexual activities safely. In ice-cream parlor police was also present and doing some immoral activities.

Host of the show told that these parlors, hotel owners install cameras in these places and sells these video to International po*n websites. Undercover team of CNBC received many phone calls of girls who were requesting to help them as they are also involved in this big scandal.


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