Zakia Shahnawaz Says World Population Will be 7 Billion Till December

Lahore: Advisor to Chief Minister Begum Zakia Shahnawaz said that by the end of this year the world population would reach near up to 7 billion while speaking at a seminar organized at a local hotel in connection with Zakia-Shah-Nawazthe world population day observed globally on 11 of July.

The minister said that when in the year 1987 the world population reached up to 5 billion the day became to be recognized internationally. With the alarming population increase, it became important to realize the presence of natural resources. If the population would continue to increase, then the upcoming generations would have to face challenges with the natural resources depleted if not properly manage.

On the occasion secretary Bahbood Abadi Altaf,Maulana Shehzad Majdadi,D.G Bahbood Abadi Qaiser Saleem,UNFP representative Mr.Rabi khan and other officers were also present. Expressing concern over the increasing population issue, she said that this year the world population would reach to 7 billions. She said that Islamic scholars might help to cultivate awareness among people as it has helped inBangladesh,IranandIndonesia.

Ayazd Khan, secretary of Bahood Abad Altaf gave welcoming speech saying that his department of Bahood Abad has been working efficiently in promoting awareness among masses in this regard.

Maulana Shahzad in the light of Quran shed light on mother and child health and spoke on the issue of family planning.