Zulfiqar Khosa Left PML-N But Why?

Zulfiqar Khosa resignLahore: Pakistani Muslim League Senior member and Advisor of Chief Minister Punjab, Sardar Zulfiqar Ali Khan Khosa has resigned from Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz. Zulfiqar Khosa has sent his resignation letter to CM House.


Zulfiqar Khosa took this decision in such a time when PML-N is going to launch next General Election Campaign. His son Dost Muhammad Khosa was resigned from Punjab Cabinet after Lahore High Court (LHC) charged him in Sapna Khan Case.

PML-N senior leadership is avoiding giving comment on Zulfiqar Khosa resignation. On other hand PML-N is trying to convince Khosa to take his decision back. The reason behind Khosa’s resign is still question mark he avoided to give reason in media.

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2 Responses to “Zulfiqar Khosa Left PML-N But Why?”

  1. Shehla Mazari

    Aug 02. 2012

    Khosas left PMLN just out of “Bughz-e-Muaviya” because PMLN leadership did not support the wrong-doings of Dost M Khaosa in murder of Sapna.
    PMLN should let them go in PPP or PTI but donot compromise on principles even if the party lose precious seats from DG Khan.
    It were the same Khosas who disturbed the public meeting of BB and President Leghari in DG Khan more than a decade ago,
    Will PPP accept thir old rivals?
    will PTI support Dost M Khosa in the case of Actress Sapna Murder?
    Its the time to test the integrity of ‘Insaf” by IK and PTI.
    People of Soth Punjab will reject turn-coats/LOTAS.

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  2. Shama

    Aug 14. 2012

    agreed. PPP and PTI should not be happy. their own leaders will be leaving the party soon. you will see Javed Hashmi and Shah mehmood Qureshi fighting over the election for their favourite seat

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