Asma Jahangir Family and Personal Life

renowned social activistAsma Jahangir is Pakistan’s most renowned human rights activists who struggled for liberalism, women empowerment, human rights and against blasphemy law. Her life as a social activist was so famous that it over shadowed her personal life & family.

Asma Jahangir was born in the family of a renowned politician Malik Ghulam Jilani, her mother Sabiha Jilani was daughter of Lahore’s influential figure Maulana Salahuddin Ahmed who is especially known among the literary circle of Lahore.

She was a professional lawyer who graduated from Kinnaird College and the completed LLB from Punjab University. Before starting her struggle as social activists she established a firm with her sister Hina Jilani in Lahore.

Her sister Hina Jilani is also known for her struggle for human rights and women empowerment. She supported Asma in co-founding her firm and later establishing Women Action Forum and Human Rights Commission.

Through her firm Asma Jahangir supported women in divorce cases, custodial cases and maintenance payments. Later she established Women’s Action Forum which is the Pakistani chapter of ‘Women Living Under Muslim Laws’ (WLUML) an international feminist organization.

Asma Jahangir and her sister Hina Jilani co-founded the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, which is considered the biggest achievement of Asma Jahangir.

Later she married Tahir Jahangir who is renowned businessman from Lahore. Her spouse is owner & chairman of Hala Enterprises, a towel manufacturing company known for its exports to Europe.

Asma Jahangir was mother of two daughters and a son. Her daughter Munizae Jahangir is a journalist & documentary filmmaker living in Lahore. Her another daughter Sulema Jahangir is a renowned lawyer known for her work in domestic cases, she lives in UK.

She died on 11th February 2018 because of brain haemorrhage. Her death was sudden while she was discussing a case with her colleague on phone. According to her colleague the phone was dropped suddenly, later he was informed that Asma Jahangir has been taken to hospital where she died moments later.

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