Cavalry Grounds, Lahore – Plot & House Price

Overview: Located near Cantonment, Cavalry Grounds is one of Lahore’s upscale residential neighbourhoods. Property is in high demand; prices and rentals increase by 10 to 12% every year.

What is nearby: Defence Housing Authority and Fortress Stadium are a 10-minute drive away.

Boundaries: Khursheed Alam Road (north), Walton Road (south and east) and Academy Road (west).

Total area: Approximately 300 acres.

Available utilities include:   Electricity, gas, sewerage, telephones and water.

Available amenities include: Acommercial area, mosque and park.

Nearby recreational avenues include: Cine Star VIP Theatres and Polo Ground.

Nearby eateries include: Awesamosas, KFC, Naan Khana, Subway and Tikala Grill.

The prices (in rupees) of houses in Cavalry Grounds, Lahore, are as follows:

Plot sizes Purchase price ranges
(sq yds) Plots Houses
100 N/A 9-12 million
125 6-8 million 11-15 million
250 10-12 million 17-22 million
300 N/A 20-25 million
500 20-22 million 30-45 million
1,000 N/A 60-100 million


Plot sizes Monthly price ranges
(sq yds) Houses Portions
100 40,000-50,000 N/A
125 50,000-60,000 N/A
250 75,000-100,000 30,000-45,000
300 90,000-110,000 N/A
500 100,000-150,000 50,000-70,000
1,000 200,000-300,000 70,000-100,000

By Maheen Hassan. Information provided by Rao Sons Estate, Lahore.