Dance in PTI Jalsa Faces Criticism on Social Media

Azadi March of Pakistani Tehreek-e-Insaf has become a great point of entertainment for the people in the name of Jalsa. As we can see on our TV screens how PTI’s Dharna is becoming a dancing club where lots are people are spreading vulgarity. However, PTI’ Azadi March is showing a clear picture of dance party where modern women are coming in sticky clothes, jeans and short shirts, jumpers, and wearing full makeup in order to bring revolution.

Moreover, women cloths were also getting wet due to rain in Islamabad but they didn’t care and continue their vulgarity in the form of dance due to which lots of youngsters were getting close to women. Similarly mobile numbers of girls were also passing between young boys as well as most of the girls also complained about harassment during Dharna. However, where flirting and dancing will high openly harassment will surely occur, so the question is it PTI’s Dharna or date point? Everyone can clearly see the height of vulgarity and shameful acts which has increased in PTI Dharna behind the name of revolution.

girls dancing in pti jalsaAlthough, revolution is not coming through PTI Jalsa but offensiveness is surely increasing in the cities like Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi where PTI’s protestors have gathered in order to show their support to PTI’s chairman Imran Khan.

About Author: Nazish Iqbal is Student of MA Political Science in Punjab University. She loves to write on Health, Politics and Current Affairs.

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