Economy of Turkey Is Growing Rapidly: Turkish Ambassador Mustafa Yurdakul

Turkish Ambassador in İslamabad Ihsan  Mustafa Yurdakul has said that Turkey economy is not facing any types of balance of payment crisis. Our foreign reserves have more than $75.4bn. Our economy is growing very fast, As well as turkey currency (LIRA) will be strong despite enemy propaganda.

Turkish Ambassador stated that Turkey government is playing an important role and taking strong steps for the betterment and its economy.

Further he had meeting with MNA Usman Ibrahim and discussed a matter of mutual interest regarding defense production. He appreciated the satisfaction level between both brother countries besides the ongoing cooperation in defense production.

Mustafa Yurdakul emphasized on importance of continuation and expansion of partnership strategy for defense industrial and technical collaboration. Both sides stressed on joint ventures which are very useful investment in these areas by private companies.

Ihsan Mustafa Yurdakul told that around 600,000 Syrian refugees’ children are getting education in turkey. We have spent $30.2 billion for Syrian migrants. Turkey is playing an important role to tackle the crisis of Myanmar, Yemen, Colombia, Vietnam, Nepal and Sudan.

By Talha Pasha