Jamat ud Dawa Joins Democracy: Milli Muslim League Formed

Mili Muslim LeagueLahore: Leader of Jamaat Ud Dawa is thinking to establish a political party in order to participate in national politics and they proposed that in the case of founding a new political party then it will be named Mili Muslim league.

According to local media reports, the party leaders of Jamaat Ud Dawa states that new party, Mili Muslim League, will be announced officially in this month.

Simply, the reason of the new party establishment has been mentioned national and international pressures, sanctions on Jamaat Ud Dawa, propaganda, and most importantly to discuss the Kashmir issue in parliaments and international forum.

Party leaders say this is their compulsion to establish a new party in order to counter the pressure against them and to participate in national politics with the ideology of highlighting the Kashmir issue and carrying forward ideology of Pakistan.

It has been cleared that major position of the party will be given to current leadership and central power lies under the kind authority of Chief of Jamaat, Hafiz Saeed. While other positions are still not declared but all designations will be announced after the party establishment.

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