“Joru Ka Ghulam” – What Does This Mean?

When our society label a man with “Joru Ka Ghulam” what do they really mean by that?

Let’s find out what people think about this:

It’s means a person is not able to balance his life and gone out of his way to please his wife by sacrificing needs of his mother or parents or blood family. To be a juru ka ghulam to a wife who is equal to shauhar parast or devoted is make sense but to be for wife who is not then its a huge problem.

A stupid concept used for men who show love and affection towards their wives. They sometime call Biw Ka Ghulam, Biwi Ka Nokar etc

This means husband shouldn’t value or love her wife. Even he must not support her when the in-laws do wrong with her

Instead of using “Joru Ka Ghulam” for husbands “Slave of Present/Future Child’s Mother” is respectable (joking).

When you love your wife and aren’t ashamed to admit it, others get jealous this is what they call you.

The above comments were made on Facebook group.