Magnificent inauguration of Restaurant Bannu Pulao in Jeddah, greetings from the Social and Journalist community

Jeddah: (Muhammad Adeel) A shining example of Pak-Saudi friendship is evident in the diverse business ventures Pakistanis are engaging in across various sectors in Saudi Arabia. This was demonstrated last night in Jeddah when a local restaurant, ‘Banoo Pulao,’ was inaugurated by a prominent Saudi businessman, Alaan Al-Shahri.

He emphasized that Saudi Arabia is providing excellent business opportunities for Pakistanis, urging them to capitalize on these opportunities and deliver the best services for their people. He stressed the need for both friendly nations to strengthen their economies, creating more employment opportunities. Alaan Al-Shahri congratulated the restaurant owner, Umair Ahmed, on the opening and extended his warm wishes. He expressed his confidence that Pakistani cuisine is immensely popular not only among Pakistanis but also among Saudis, making the new restaurant a welcomed addition.

The restaurant owner, Umair Ahmed, expressed his gratitude to Khalid Cheema and Muhammad Adeel from Pakistan Journalists Forum, Riyadh Ghuman, and Raja Shoaib Altaf from Pakistan Overseas Media Forum for their unwavering support for Pakistani service even abroad.

Umair Ahmed stated, ‘We offer a unique taste, and our top priority is to present the best Pakistani cuisine to the locals here.’

At the end of the inauguration ceremony, Umair Ahmed also hosted a dinner featuring the delectable dishes prepared in his restaurant.

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