Momina Mustehsan Scandal Hits Internet

Momina MustehsanMomina Mustehsan is famous for her singing but recently her few scandals hit Social Media. Earlier, her dating pictures leaked and then her Ko Ko Korina song got negative response.

Controversy against Momina Mustehsan and Ahad Raza Mir has bceome viral on the internet and social media. Momina Mustehsan is a Pakistani singer who along with Ahad Raza Mir made a remix of legendary song Ko Ko Korina.

This remix is being called as a ruin of classic song Ko Ko Korina. People on social media are going against this remix which has been performed in Coke Studio.

The song is generating a lot of hate for Momina Mustehsan since it came out. As soon as this remix was released, people started making memes on it which became viral on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Posted by CBM – Comics By Majid on Monday, 22 October 2018

Minister of Human Rights Shireen Mazari tweeted about this remix and she calls it a massacre of classic song.

Momina Mustehsan replying to Shireen Mazari’s tweet, she apologizes for hurting her sentiments and calls it as Shireen Mazari’s right to judge her and express her feelings.

Momina also said that Shireen Mazari appreciate Coke Studio for allowing us to express ourselves.

Senator Sherry Rehman also tweeted about this song and she agrees with Shireen Mazari.

This version of Ko Ko Korina is criticized by Twitteratis and Facebook users, people are not liking it. Instead they are making memes on it.


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