MQM Hassan Zafar Biography & Profile

Hassan ZafarRecently a press conference was held in Karachi Press club by the newly appointed Coordination Committee of Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM) London.

The conference was chaired by Hassan Zafar, who was a professor at Department of Philosophy, Karachi University’s (KU), disclosed Dr Shahid Masood.

Altaf Hussain was a student of pharmacy when Hassan Zafar was a Professor in KU. It was during these days that Altaf Hussain established All Pakistan Muhajir Student Organization (APMSO).

Later Hassan Zafar resigned from his post during Zia ul Haq dictatorship.

Dr. Shahid Masood also disclosed that he was a leftist and a worker of Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP). He was part of committee during Benazir Bhutto and worked closely with Sathi Ishaq. Advocate Sathi Ishaq was president of Peoples Student Federation (PSF) in Karachi which is the student wing of PPP.

The new Coordination (Rabita) Committee consists of

  • Prof Hasan Zafar
  • Advocate Sathi Ishaq
  • Amjadullah Khan
  • Kanwar Khalid Younus
  • Ismail Sitara
  • Idrees Alvi
  • Momin Khan Momin
  • Akram Rajput
  • Ashraf Noor

Momin Khan Momin is a senior politician from Hyderabad who joined MQM recently. While Akram Rajput & Ashraf Noor were expelled from Dr Sattar led MQM.