Pakistan Hajj Mission Media Team Arrives in jeddah, Welcomed by Pakistani Journalists

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia – A delegation of Pakistani journalists, including Ameer Muhammad Khan, Khalid Nawaz Cheema, Muhammad Adeel, and Shoaib Altaf, extended a warm welcome to the media team of the Hajj Mission upon their arrival in Jeddah.

To commemorate the occasion, a dinner was organized in honor of the media team, attended by notable figures such as Ministry of Religious Affairs Spokesperson for Hajj, Umar Butt, PTV’s Rana Faheem, APP’s Zahid Majeed, PTV’s Cameraman Shahbaz, and Radio Pakistan’s correspondent Ameer Muhammad Khan, Khalid Nawaz Cheema, Shoaib Altaf, Muhammad Adeel, Chaudhry Mubashir Afzal Cheema, and Muhammad Anees from Jeddah.

Speaking on behalf of the Ministry of Religious Affairs, Umar Butt highlighted that the arrival of the first flight of pilgrims in Jeddah marks the initiation of the Hajj pilgrimage.

The consulate and Hajj mission officers, along with the media team, were present to oversee the process. Butt emphasized that the Ministry is dedicated to enhancing the Hajj experience in 2023, with the provision of top-notch services being one of its primary objectives.

Furthermore, Butt shared that Pakistani pilgrims have been accommodated in Madinah Munawarah’s central area, which includes a range of hotels offering five-star, four-star, and three-star facilities.

In Makkah, pilgrims have been allocated the best available accommodations, with their needs being diligently attended to. The Ministry of Religious Affairs strives to provide comprehensive facilities to the pilgrims, including medical assistance, ensuring their well-being throughout the pilgrimage.

The arrival of the Pakistan Hajj Mission Media Team in Jeddah sets the stage for a smooth and successful Hajj season, with all stakeholders committed to facilitating a memorable and spiritually fulfilling experience for the pilgrims.

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