Pakistan Journalists Forum & Nosheen Art and Culture hosted Pakistan Independence Day Celebration

Jeddah – On the occasion of Pakistan’s 75th Independence Day, Nosheen Waseem, head of Saudi Entertainment Authority, Art and Cultural Society and Pakistan Journalists Forum, the oldest organization of Pakistani journalists in Saudi, participated in a joint Independence Day celebration.

Apart from families, Saudi businessmen and people from Saudi media participated. Pakistani young singers sang Pakistani songs and got appreciation for their passionate songs. On this occasion, Pakistani Saudis supported the singers by waving the Pakistani flag on the stage.

Addressing the ceremony which began with the national anthems of Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, Nosheen Waseem welcomed the Saudis and Pakistanis and thanked the people for making the event a success.

While Chairman of Pakistan Journalists Forum Amir Muhammad Khan welcomed the guests in the closing moments, thanked and said that PJF has been playing a positive role in Pakistan-Saudi relations for the past 28 years and participates in events on Pakistani and saudi important days.

Whatever the festival, Pakistan Journalists Forum has always stood side by side with Saudi brothers.

The ceremony ended with a prayer for the prosperity of Pakistan.

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