Pakistan Markazi Muslim League Enters Karachi Politics with Massive Campaign

Pakistan’s largest city, Karachi, was ruled by the Muttahida Qaumi Movement for a long time. Pakistan People’s Party, Jamaat-e-Islami and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf also have a large vote bank in the city of Karachi and now another political organization is entering the city – Pakistan Markazi Muslim League.

Anti-government banners on inflation and unemployment are displayed everywhere on Shahrah Faisal, the busiest and main road of Shehr-e-Quaid.

The banners is displaying the name of a party which most of the city of Karachi is not familiar with.

In the banners, the name of the organization is written as Pakistan Central Muslim League Karachi.

Slogans against the rulers have been recorded in these banners. But there is no news about who this Jamaat belongs to and who is its leader.

Anti-government slogans on inflation are written in the banners placed on Shahrah Faisal. A banner reads, ‘Bhashan Nahi, Roti Do.’
On another banner it is displaying the message, “Mere Hakim Meri Kamai Loot Kay Kha Gai Teri Mehngai”.

In the same way, many banners were displayed, including the “Ghareeb Nahi Ghurbat Khatam Kro”, “Humkumrano Taqreer Nahi, Roti Chahye”.

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