Pakistan Should Upgrade Their Construction And Development Method

Recently BBC research expressed that Sea is absorbing huge quantity of carbon dioxide. If sea would not absorb carbon dioxide than all gases store into sky and weather will be hot. As well as green house quantity create bad impact on forest, agriculture, human and animal. But ocean is already paying cost.

Seas and oceans absorbed too much of carbon dioxide that’s why acid level exceed around 30 percent from last 150 years. Scientist stated that it is excess from last 2000 years. Owing to which we had already survived 50 percent loss within three decades.

We can describe problems and solutions in two different ways.

Apply New Technologies For The Betterment Of New Generation

It is the need of time different sectors like engineering, architecture, builders and developers should upgrade their standards and apply new technologies because population is increasing day by day. That’s why we should promote and focus on these sectors. As well as construction sector is growing worldwide. Especially Europe, South America, UAE and China are establishing high class buildings, shopping malls and residential houses which is boosting this sector.

Moreover concerned department should start proper working and provide a complete solution for the betterment of new generation. We can also segregate these scienarios regarding Pakistan in the following sections.

  • Around 30 percent population was living in cities in 1950
  • It was increased up-to 47 percent in 2000
  • According to the research population will be increase up-to 60 percent in 2025 in city

Population Is Increasing Day By Day

One main problem in Pakistan is our population is increasing day by day. On the other hand basic resources, economic facilities and unemployment situation are creating many problems.

That’s why target killing, snatching, theft and other criminal activities are increasing from time to time.  Owing to which we should implement fair economic system.

Betterment Of Construction Sectors

Finally construction sectors of Pakistan are growing rapdily many builders, developers and construction companies are taking interest and launching new residential projects. That’s why houses, homes, plots, and residential projects price is rising.

Further drinking water, sewerage problem, energy crises and other related issues are increasing day by day. But federal and provincial governments are not taking interest toward these problems.

They should make policies, rules and regulations for new developments like new buildings, projects and shopping malls it should be compulsory to establish car parking’s at least up-to 4-6 floors. As well as they should mark car parking numbers according to house number. Those builders who will breach the rules and regulations impose huge fines and penalties.

They should also control on property prices otherwise situation for poor and middle class will be worsened because they are not be able to purchase their homes.

By Talha Pasha