PIA Air Hostess Scandal, Court Rejects Bail

PIA-Air-HostessLahore: Special Custom Judge Ameer Mohammad Khan has rejected the bail of the PIA air hostess who attempted to smuggle two kilograms of gold to New York.

Special Custom Judge Ameer Mohammad Khan was hearing the appeal of the case of the arrested air hostess. Her lawyer said that she was arrested on some misunderstanding. On the other hand the prosecutor’s lawyer said that the gold was found from the air hostess’s luggage.

After that the Special Judge rejected the bail of the arrested PIA air hostess.

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) air hostess was arrested for trying to smuggle 2 kilograms of gold to New York.  She was travelling from Allama International Airport to New York where the custom officers on suspicion checked her and found 2 kilograms of gold. After that she was taken into custody.

An official of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) after the arrest said that if the air hostess is found guilty, the air lines administration will take strict action against her.

Apart from that Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) already did sacked one of their employee for his involvement in the case of trying to smuggle heroin from Lahore to Dubai.

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