Renowned Pakistani Chef Shagufa’s culinary journey illuminates Pakistan’s name globally

In a moment of heartfelt gratitude, Chef Shagufa expressed thanks to the Almighty for securing admission to the world-renowned culinary institute. Every chef aspires to showcase their country’s name globally, and Chef Shagufa believes that this requires not only hard work but also a commitment to continuous learning. Making this statement in Saudi Arabia, Chef Shagufa, a prominent figure in the Pakistani community, hosted a celebratory dinner at the local restaurant “Al Barkah” in Jeddah.

Chef Shagufa emphasized the significance of her achievements, stating that she is not only the first Pakistani chef to enroll in Canada’s prestigious Le Cordon Bleu but also the first GSA-certified chef in Jeddah. Her success is not just a personal accomplishment but a reflection of Pakistan’s triumph on the global stage.

Looking ahead, Chef Shagufa pledged to continue her journey of success with unwavering dedication. She envisions establishing a restaurant in the future that narrates the unique story of Pakistani cuisine.

Members of the Pakistani community and the journalism fraternity, including Khadija Malik, Rumi, restaurant owner Umair Hassan from Karachi, senior journalist Khalid Cheema, Jahangir Khan, Atif Ali Watto, and Muhammad Adeel, extended their heartfelt congratulations to Chef Shagufa. They expressed confidence in her commitment to continually illuminate Pakistan’s name through her culinary expertise.

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