Saudi Vision 2030 Opportunity For Muslims to Engage in Business: Fair Deal Chairman Abdul Rauf

Jeddah: ( Muhammad Adeel ) Fairdeal’s Chairman Abdul Rauf honored journalists at an event in Jeddah. He stated, “Man toils for sustenance, but ultimate control rests with Allah, the Provider.” He encouraged aligning actions with the Prophet’s teachings for blessings. The event, attended by many Pakistani print, electronic, and social media representatives, occurred at the inauguration of Rauf’s new office in Jeddah.

Rauf believes Saudi’s economic initiatives and Vision 2023-2030 offer an opportunity for Muslims in the region to engage in business. He envisions making Pakistan’s positive image more prominent through his work. He expressed admiration for the generosity and unity among Pakistanis but emphasized the need to help each other further.

Rauf shared his desire to provide opportunities for hardworking individuals. He introduced an ambassador program within the products Fairdeal offers, aiming to share profits with those promoting Saudi licenses and compliance with Saudi laws.

Rauf acknowledged media’s vital role and promised to consider their interests. He invited everyone to view his office as a platform for coordination and collaboration.

The event included Quranic recitation, with Khursheed Sajjad delivering a soulful rendition. Naveed Iqbal, the event’s organizer, introduced Fairdeal Marketing and Chairman Abdul Rauf. Former Federal Minister Chaudhry Shahbaz Hussain also addressed the gathering.

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