Sector E-7, Islamabad – Apartments, Plot & House Price

Accessible via Margalla Road (Khayaban-e-Iqbal), Sector E-7 is one of Islamabad’s most expensive residential neighbourhoods; it has been home to the city’s elite for decades.

Upscale and green… Drive through Sector E-7 and you will see rows of large, well-maintained houses with manicured gardens built along tree-lined roads, which are usually devoid of traffic jams and consequent noise pollution; this is mainly due to the fact that unlike many other neighbourhoods, Sector E-7 has not fallen prey to commercialization in the last few years. The presence of well-known educational further add to its appeal.

However, with the exception of the well-landscaped E-7 Park, the sector does not have too many recreational avenues, although there are plenty of these within a 10 kilometre  radius, including Daman-e-Koh, Islamabad Zoo, Japanese Park, Margalla Hills and Pir Sohawa.

Food and shopping… Shaheen market forms the commercial spine of the sector. It is a small, old-fashioned outdoor market where you will find a handful of grocery stores and dining venues, the most popular of which is Texas Steak House.

If you want a more diverse shopping experience, you can always venture to the nearby Jinnah Super Market in Sector F-7 or Safa Gold Mall which is equally popular. Similarly, the neighbouring Sector F-7 has plenty of dining venues to its credit, and these include Atrio, English Tea House. Hardee’s, JungleSpot, Pappasallis, Pizza Hut and Yum.

The real estate take… Sector E-7 is completely built-up, and vacant plots are therefore not available. Purchase prices and rentals are among the highest in the city and have increased by approximately 40% in the last two years. This trend is expected to persist in the forthcoming year.

In a nutshell… Despite the fact that shopping and dining avenues are limited in number, Sector E-7 continues to remain one of Islamabad’s most coveted areas. The reason for this? Plenty of greenery, tranquility – and exclusivity.

By Nimrah Butt