Stop Pneumonia Through Immunization & Healthy Practices

There are many diseases which kill millions of children in Pakistan even before they age 5, but among them the most deadly is Pneumonia.

The reason for the high mortality rate is not due to the disease itself rather the low percentage of vaccination, weak immune system, malnutrition and not consulting a professional doctor is the reason why 800,000 deaths are recorded due to it.

Unlike other diseases such as malaria or Covid-19 for which vaccination is not available in Pakistan, vaccination for Pneumonia is easily available. 4 doses of the vaccine will protect the child from the disease.

Along with vaccination awareness about the disease is also important because people treat it as a usual cough or fever, avoiding consulting doctor which results in mortality.

Similarly breastfeeding should also be promoted because it makes the immune system of a child strong, making it capable to fight and survive the disease. Children with weak immune system such as malnourished, those who drink unsafe water and infected with HIV are at greater risk from it.

Making the practice of washing hands common is also important because Pneumonia is caused by viruses, bacteria, and fungi which can infect children when they eat food without washing hands.