Students Should Learn New Technologies:  IT & Telecom Minister

Federal Minister for Information Technology Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui said that new avenue is opening for development and growth for students through information technology.

He said Pakistan has entered into the top five countries who have one of the best IT professionals and freelancer. It is a great pleasure for us that our students are providing growth and development to our country.

In an event where Karachi Univeristy Computer science department Chairman: Dr. M.Sadiq Ali Khan was also present. He stated that we need to further research, analysis in IT department so we can compete with other countries in IT. Computer science directly and indirectly relate from every industry, sector and department.

We have highly and expert developers of IT professionals. But despite we could not introduce lot of IT products in international market. Moreover we have to change and upgrade education standards according to the international requirement. As well as we add job oriented course into our studies.

By Talha Pasha