Universal Children Day and the SPMUDA International 10th Anniversary

The Universal Children Day (UCD) and the SPMUDA International 10th Anniversary Event, including the Awarding of the International personalities chosen by virtue of their achievements and dedication for humanity, protection of health, economic development and promotion of global peace as “the Lifetime Achievement Awardees and UCD Special Recognition Honorees” was held on 20 November 2020 at Zoom online platform and telecasted Live on Facebook & Youtube: “Sameera Aziz Official” where more than 600,000 observers are registered from worldwide.

Organized by Sameera Aziz Events under the supervision of SPMUDA International, this online conference was pursuance to the mandate of the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UNDESA) in collaboration with different world missionaries of peace and humanity. The members from Rotary International club and World Peace Mission participated as guests.

The conference was hosted by Sameera Aziz, the Saudi based Chairperson of Sameera Aziz Group of Companies. “You can choose your friends, but you cannot choose your family, and in my case, a lifetime honour come to me on a silver platter as I was chosen to be adopted into the family of the well-respected and honourable leader, Datu Dr Camad M. Ali. I am very proud that I have been honoured by him as Ambassador-at-Large for Women in Gulf, India and Pakistan, and now one of the Universal Children Day Honoree,” stated Sameera Aziz at her welcoming remarks.

“Dr Ali is a visionary, a humanitarian and a peace icon rolled into one. Having been the founder of SPMUDA, he is deserving of his numerous global awards throughout his leadership. SPMUDA is a phenomenal non-governmental institution which promotes peace, human rights and empowerment to Muslims and Non-Muslim all over the world,” said Sameera Aziz at her opening remarks as a Host of the conference.

Datu Haron R. Ali read the message of SPMUDA International President Dr Camad M. Ali and later proceeded with his topic which was on ending the war, exploitation of innocent children, child prostitution, statutory rape and child trafficking.

“It is very sad to note that millions of children’s education are interrupted due to COVID-19 pandemic. This is the reason why SPMUDA International Organization for Peace & Development calls for the global coalition effort to defeat covid-19 in order to restore education program into normal,” stated the message of SPMUDA president Dr. Ali, who is bestowed with the Lifetime Achievement for Awardee 2015 & World Best Humanist 2019.

“Children do not just experience physical hunger, but also intellectual hunger. This current world is widely considered as a dangerous place for children. They are facing many forms of injustices and problems. One of these is the problem with mortality rate,” the president’s message stated further.

President’s message also mentioned about the program which is titled as “The Right of Children for Education, Health, Shelter and Care” which will begin by identifying communities who are willing to let their children discover what peace really means.

“Some of the things SPMUDA will donate are peace libraries that contain computers for children, school supplies like books, wall clocks, and medical aid kit-box among others, and SPMUDA Umbrellas for Top 10 pupil peace achievers,” the president’s message said.

Prince Haron R. Ali, Juris Doctor, Shari’ah Counselor, Deputy Prime Minister, Royal Baloi Darussalam, and Goodwill Ambassador of SPMUDA International said that we urge both International and local authorities to intensify their systems in the pursuit of the maintenance of Children’s safety, peace of mind and rapid development by upgrading the investigation and prosecution proceeding to possibly, speedily, justly and effectively arrest those who are doing mischievousness and Corruptions on land.

“We can promote Global Alliance of Human Solidarity towards transforming the world into a better place and the people to be the best generation, make our time as the greatest time of all times and most importantly the attainment of supreme success not only in this life but also in the day afterlife,” said Prince Haron while presenting a solution to make the world a safer place for children.

The presentation of Dr Sanchi Rastogi, consultant pediatric neurologist in Mumbai, India, discussed the topic of how COVID-19 affected children and what are preventive measures.
“Despite worldwide spread, the epidemiological and clinical patterns of covid-19 remain largely unclear among children. Severe COVID-19 cases are, fortunately, uncommon in children. So far, critical COVID-19 deaths were seen in children with comorbidities like Severe Acute Malnutrition, severe Anaemia, and Heart disease,” said Dr Rastogi.

“Adapt the new normal lifestyle, seek medical help whenever necessary, preventive measures like hand hygiene and social distancing to be taken seriously,” stated Dr Rastogi.

William Riegler, the Director-General of Walk for Peace Japan and he the CEO of Billy’s Kids English who has been passionately teaching English to over 30,000 Japanese kids, talked about his long journey as a missionary of peace & children development in foreign countries.

“Kids need consistency. They again feel safe with boundaries. Last year, I began my “Mismatched Socks for Inclusion Movement”. I told them since all colours and patterns are better together, a skin colour lesson, I would mismatch my socks,” said Riegler while elaborated that kids need to feel worthy, loved and positive about themselves.

“I teach respect…Respect for elders, for classmates, for the property, nature and self. I tell them behind you are standing long lines of your ancestors, watching over you, praising you, cheering you on. Always make them proud in your words and deeds.” Said Riegler and advised that if you want a good Legacy, Live a Good Life.

Dr Wafa R. Kasimieh got so much opportunity and access to reach out different people in some more significant organizations and collaborate with them to help a lot of people being a Cultural Consultant in Department of Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department, Government of Dubai.

“I was able to conspire with the Tarahum Charity and Red Crescent here in Dubai to reach out with the people, Filipinos and Non-Filipinos, Muslims or Non-Muslims. Helping doesn’t have a race, religion, age, gender and colour. Together with SPMUDA International and school personnel, we were able to feed the children in different schools in the Philippines. Not only the children but also the group of people who suffered a lot with food scarcity, said Kasimieh while speaking on the topic of “Encouraging Charity for Orphan and Non-Orphan, and feeding for the Poor”.

“As I connected myself to the right people, I was able to reach out to those really who are in need, especially in remote areas. Water is one of the necessities of our life. As part of this charity we were able to donate hundreds of water pumps all over the Iloilo and other parts of the Philippines,” said Kasimieh mentioning the deeper meaning of Charity which she considers that “it is about giving but at the same time you’re inspiring, making a difference and impact to someone else’s lives”.

The Lifetime Achievement Awardees and Universal Children Day’s Special Recognition Honorees were Amil Datu Ali, (Peace Ambassador & Head SPMUDA Commission on Public Safety & Security, BARMM); Police Lieutenant Aminoden Mangonday, (Peace Ambassador & Head at SPMUDA Commission On Public Safety & Security Philippines); Prince Suman Barua, (Deputy Director General at SPMUDA ASEAN, Countries, Goodwill Ambassador, Bangladesh); H.E Kimicoh Henares, (Peace Ambassador/ Deputy Director General at SPMUDA, U.S.A); Maricel Labra, (Goodwill Ambassador at SPMUDA International, Head at Muntinlupa Dance Company, Philippines); Salami Oludare Benjamin, (Peace Ambassador at SPMUDA, award holder social worker for African Children in Nigeria); David Manirampa, (YCI-Burundi and SPMUDA Goodwill Ambassador /Representative); Dr Nguyen Hoang Nam, (SPMUDA International Head Representative, Vietnam); William Riegler, (Director-General of Walk for Peace Japan and the CEO of Billy’s Kids English); Lye Ket Yong, (Secretary-General, World Buddhist Association, Director General, SPMUDA International ASEAN 10, Malaysia); Prince Thanora Norodom, (President, Prince Thanora Humanitarian Assistance Cambodia); Christina Eisenberg, (CEO, Cap Diverses Cites SPMUDA international Europe, France); Junko Ishikawa, (Director General, SPMUDA Asia- Pacific, Japan); Jay Hyuk Jang, (President, JGlobal Business Corp. South Korea, Philippines); Johnny T. Guiling, (Director, Office of Muslim Affairs Muntinlupa City, Vice-President SPMUDA Luzon, Philippines); Bai Jane Piang Shever, (Director General, SPMUDA International, United States of America); Wafa Roscales Kasimieh, (Senior Cultural Consultant, IACAD Government of Dubai, United Arab Emirates); Moon Yong Jo, (President, International Inter-Agency Development Association (IIDA), South Korea); Jurapas Pitasethakarn, (President, PINCO International, Thailand); Jundith Vera Arnaez, (Vice-President, Negros Maritime College Foundation, Inc., Philippines); Sapkota Pradeep, (Director, Sunway Research and Innovation Center President, Change Nepalese Mission Representative, SPMUDA-SICCI International, Nepal); Ricky Matalam, (Peace Ambassador, SPMUDA International, Philippines); Sameera Aziz, (Chairperson of Sameera Aziz Group, Media Person and Ambassador At- Large for Women & Children, Middle East, Pakistan and India, Saudi Arabia); Shayna Sunsara, (Miss Earth India 2017 & Miss SPMUDA International); David Bruce Jackson, (Goodwill Ambassador, SPMUDA Maryland, U.S.A. and Sr. Advisor. U.S.A); and TRD Datu Haron Ali, (DPM, Royal House of Baloi Darusallam, INCMP, Philippines).

By: Muhammad Adeel

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