Urdu 1 Channel In Pakistan

urdu 1 channelThe new channel Urdu 1 has started its transmission in Pakistan as it was launched on 23rd June. Urdu 1 is entertainment channel and it airs drama. Pakistani dramas and foreign dramas dubbed in Urdu are telecast from the channel.

According to a house wife Urdu 1 has to bring quality dramas, soaps as other Pakistani drama channels (Hum TV, ARY Digital, Geo) are airing very good dramas. She further said that if dramas of Urdu 1 channel will be ordinary than the channel will be in line with TV One type channel whose dramas are not watched by most of the people.

Another college going girl said that Urdu 1 should start morning show in the near future as it attracts many viewers and all Pakistani entertainment and even news channels airs morning shows.

For Urdu 1 official website click here and for Urdu 1 facebook page click here


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