What People Have To Say On MQM Pakistan Jalsa?

MQM Pakistan Jalsa was held on 5th November. Many political analysts stated that this Jalsa was big and even MQM Pakistan was not expecting to gather this amount of people.

What people on social media commented about Jalsa see here:

The Huge Crowd  at the Jalsa of MQM Pakistan at Liquatabad protesting against the Unfair Census in Karachi #ShowOfPower  #FairCensusOurRight

Well done. Standing for good cause for karachiities.

Census were blatantly wrong. Good to see someone speaking on it. PTI should have bothered on it as well.

PTI and PPP not interested it is not there issue they just want votes from Karachi.

Kudos to everyone, even those who supported in their mind, MQM wins either way!

Positive sign and instead of giving burnol too PTI and JI. Give burnol to MQM London and it’s supporters.

Both Governorments in Federal & Provincial, open your eyes, else wait for 3rd force as the law of nature, gap is always filled, you may like it or not but there is huge gap, citizens are suffering, basic amenities not provided only interested in tax collection, no services provided, everyone in Power has closed eyes and ears.