Layers That Shape Your Leadership Skills 

Your career is built upon many layers below the obvious surface of professional competencies. How do you become aware of the things you might be neglecting that could, if ignored, ... Continue Reading →

Understanding Talent Acquisition – HR Horizons

‘Talent acquisition’ is often erroneously used interchangeably with ‘recruiting’. However, in actuality, recruiting is a subset of talent acquisition. Recruiting ... Continue Reading →
Abdul Sattar

KPK MPA Abdul Sattar Biography & Profile

Mr Abdul Sattar is a politician in middle ages. He is a young and enthusiastic person serving the current KPK Assembly. He is affiliated with right wing mainstream political party ... Continue Reading →
Dr. Asim Hussain with others

Ziauddin Medical College Scandal Leaked

Karachi: The former Minister of Petroleum Dr. Asim Hussain has found to be involved in alleged corruption of Ziauddin Medical College in which he has issued additional seats to ... Continue Reading →
Zareen Riaz

Female Politician Zareen Riaz’s Profile and Number

Miss Zareen Riaz is a politician in current KPK Assembly affiliated with right wing, nationalistic party Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf led by famous World Cup winning cricketer and ... Continue Reading →
malik noor saleem

KPK MPA Malik Noor Saleem Profile & Phone Number

Mr. Malik Noor Saleem is a politician in current Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly whose tenure spans from the year 2013 till date. Affiliated with Jamiat Ulema e Islam (F), the politician ... Continue Reading →
Pakistan Inflation

Pakistan Inflation Plunges To 12-Year Low in September

Pakistan inflation rate has slowdown approximately 1.3% in the month of September as well as inflation rate has gone to the lowest level as compare to 12 years. According to the ... Continue Reading →
Hyderabad Map

Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (HMC) Takes Action After Complain

Hyderabad: The Hyder­abad Municipal Corporation (HMC) has taken action against complaint of anti-encroachment constructions which was filed at the Makki Shah police station. According ... Continue Reading →