PTI Jalsa: Women Harassed, Assaulted – Video Photo???

It was shocking to see videos of PTI Lahore Jalsa where women were harassed/mishandled. It is shameful for PTI top leadership also. ‪PTI officials should take strict notice of these incidents and bring culprits to justice. They cannot let this go unheard. This is shame, big shame.

Media channels have aired these videos and have also shared on their Facebook pages which is not good as it is showing women also who are harassed. PEMRA should also take notice of this.

One very rightly said on social media on this type of video: “The only thing disturbing here is that how easily someone’s trauma, shrieks and horror is blatantly being used by our media to score points, earn favours and return favours. Shameless media”

Men and women seating arrangement should be separate and their entrance/exit should also be separate so that these type of incident didn’t happen.

People on social media are also saying that “When PML-N failed to stop people from supporting Imran Khan.. they lowered themselves to this shameless level. It’s very clear there was only a specific group pf people who were harassing women/girls intentionally, they are not PTI Supporters, they were sent by PML-N just to defame the PTI jalsas.”

It is also pertinent to mention that this type of harassment has happened in PTI Jalsa in past also. In 2013 this type of incident also happened at Minar e Pakistan on 23rd March.

By Mubashir Mahmood. He tweets @mubashirmahmood

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